Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Coldest Place in the World?

Here as promised is a little guide to my local race track Bath. It is a peculiar flat racing track which unfortunately has experienced a recent decline. As the highest race track in the country on a cold breezy day you could easily freeze especially if you haven't won enough money to line your pockets. It is a stiff track with tight bends (not dissimilar to Chester) and usually stages races between 5 furlong and 1 mile 5 furlong in distance. It is only a small fixture and rarely attracts many quality horses. The place itself is in desperate need of rejuvination and offers only basic facilities. In recent years they have attempted to reinvent itself by hosting concerts after racing and also themed racing nights. The concerts however have often been only tribute acts. The theme nights such as ladys night and the cider festival have had a little more success but they also have on occasion discouraged traditional race fans from attending. The course has to diversify and run meets such as these to stay alive though. It is worth a visit and if you pick the right meet to attend can be good fun and a great day out. It is just maintaining that standard and redeveloping the stand and infrastructure to make it an attractive place to spend an afternoon. This cannot happen however unless the quality of racing improves, the two are dependant on eachother. It will take a massive effort but hopefully the course can survive and take steps to becoming a respected fixture in the racing calendar.

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